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(9) My vessel is over 24m and/or 200grt; can Pembury still deliver?


In addition to Commercially Endorsed Yacht Masters we also have a number of MCA Class 4 qualified Skippers working with us. In the main they are licensed to command vessels up to 3000 gross registered tonnes. In such instances you should contact the London office for further information.

(10) What is Pembury Yacht Services fuel policy?
Fuel is taken on board in good faith; however, in most instances we will also request a fuel sample, which will be delivered up with the vessel at the point of delivery. All new fuel will be treated with Biocide™ as part of the Ships Standard Operating Procedures.
(11) My vessel is straight out of the yard and has no safety equipment

See ships safety pallet

(12) I would like my vessel delivered to my port of preference and at the end of the season back to my home port, what is Pembury Yacht Service s' pricing policy?

On the basis that the return booking is made at the same time as the initial booking, return bookings will attract an additional variable discount.

(13) What is the Pembury policy on drugs?

Pembury Yacht Service s will not tolerate alcohol abuse or the use of illegal substances. Crew may be subject to random drug and /or alcohol testing. Any Crewmember (Owners included) found to be in breach will be reported to the appropriate authorities at the first opportunity and at the Skippers discretion will be dismissed from the Ship.

(14) Will Pembury deliver through war/hazard zones?

POA - refer to London office

(15) What is the Pembury policy on use of side arms?

Carriage and/ or use of arms is contra to the Standard Operating Procedures of Pembury Yacht Service s in non-hazardous areas and at all times subject to local jurisdiction and controls.

(16) Can Pembury Yacht Service s advise on security issues?

Yes. Please refer to London office for advice on Yacht Recovery, Personal Protection and Risk Assessment.


I want my yacht delivered by freight but she needs to get to the port of embarkation. Can Pembury liaise with the shipping company?


Pembury Yacht Service s is able to arrange any delivery of a yacht by whatever means. We are frequently asked to quote and organise multi model fleet deliveries. This involves dealing with freight and trucking companies worldwide as well as our highly experienced and qualified Skippers.

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