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  Pembury Yacht Services - T & C's  
  1. The Skipper's instructions are to be followed at all times
  2. All Crew will dress and act at all times in such a manner to maintain the high standards set by PEMBURY YACHT SERVICES and in accordance with the best practices and conventions of those on the high sea.
  3. The consumption of alcohol whilst underway is not permitted under any circumstances.
  4. The Skipper has the right of arrest if the Crew member is in breach of condition 8 or in the event that their actions lead or are likely to lead to the endangerment of the vessel or it’s Crew or the disruption of the ships harmony.
  5. All travel to and from the yacht will be at the Crews' expense unless otherwise stated by PEMBURY YACHT SERVICES.
  6. Should the vessel be delayed the Crew will be expected to remain with the vessel until completion of the delivery.
  7. Should the Crew leave or be dismissed from the vessel en route, they shall be responsible for their own repatriation costs.
  8. Any person, without exception, carrying or using illegal substances or in possessions of illegal items will be handed over to the appropriate authorities at the next port of call.
  9. All Crew must have suitable travel and medical insurance. PEMBURY YACHT SERVICES nor the clients of PEMBURY YACHT SERVICES shall be liable for any medical expenses, nor for any claim for personal injury, however so caused.
  10. Loss or damage of personal items or equipment is not the responsibility of PEMBURY YACHT SERVICES or their clients.
  11. If requested, friends and family will be kept up to date with the progress of the delivery as and when practicable.
  12. The Skipper will pay for all on-board expenses. All expenses ashore are the Crews' own responsibility.
  13. Crew who are paying their own airfares must have a ticket back to the UK or to their country of residence, or show/deposit with the Captain sufficient funds to cover such expense.
  14. Crews are advised that they may be required to vacate the vessel 24 hours after arrival at final destination.
  15. It is brought to the attention of all Crews that in most countries they will not be able to buy short flight tickets from one country to another unless they have a return ticket out of the country they wish to visit (see 15).
  16. It is advisable to have a US visa for all deliveries to the West Indies and Pacific since return flights are routed via the USA.
  17. Crews must provide their own foul weather gear, life jacket, harness, and sleeping bag.
  18. Crews personal safety gear must be in good order and sufficient for the purpose for which it is intended and for the proposed passage. Personal safety gear may be routinely inspected by the Skipper and if found to be in adequate you may be required to purchase a replacement at your own cost before proceeding with the passage.
  19. Crews must understand that delays in scheduling can occur and PEMBURY YACHT SERVICES is not responsible for the associated living or travel cost incurred.
  20. It must be understood that PEMBURY YACHT SERVICES, the yacht's owners and their agents have the right to dismiss any Skipper or Crew at any time during a voyage if his or her actions compromise the safety and due execution of the delivery.
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yacht delivery, yacht charter, boat delivery